1,200 Likes reached on our FACEBOOK page!!

You like us…you REALLY like us! (LOL) We’re just blown away that we’ve reached 1,200 likes on Facebook! We’ve worked hard to bring you the best light bulb changing experience possible and your likes confirm that effort. THANK YOU for your continued support and belief in The LightCup! We are growing EVERY DAY because of it and we do not take it for granted!

The journey has been baby steps up to this point. Every week they seem to grow and multiply. A few sales here, a few there, a nice review, a new contact…. but the ONE THING that gets people hooked on the LightCup is USING IT! When you use a LightCup for the first time, you will then understand what all the fuss is about. It makes doing a job that is SO easy to put off until another day, turn into something that you actually look forward to! It is so quick and easy that you will almost challenge your light bulbs to go out so you can use it. It is FUN to use! The LightCup turns a big job into a QUICK and FUN job that ANYONE can do SAFELY.

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc) has been a BIG reason for our growth. In these days of economic hardships, trying to start a business from scratch is the LAST thing most people want to do. Social Media has given and continues to give The LightCup a platform to showcase its abilities in a ‘Word of Mouth’ advertising format that is flashy and creative, all for a very low cost. We believe the key to using social media advertising as a platform is creating a true and honest connection with our customers. Social Media allows us to reach them in a way no other media can accomplish. The interaction is second to none and, quite frankly, what we love most about it. Being able to have fun with our customers and show them we are no different than they are when it comes to just wanting to make a living and help people in the process, gives us a drive to succeed. The LightCup is a simple product that solves a BIG problem. Why not make the process and service of buying and learning about the LightCup FUN?? The response we’ve received speaks volumes about proving our approach to be true.

At the end of the day, we are only as good as the people who believe in us and buy our products. We here at LightCup and The Global Connection are committed to make sure that no matter how long we do this that our most valuable resource, Y-O-U, is NEVER disappointed and THOROUGHLY entertained along the way. THANK YOU AGAIN for all your love and support. ON TO 1,300!!! ;-)

One thought on “1,200 Likes reached on our FACEBOOK page!!

  1. Bill Neftleberg

    As New Yorker, growing up on the Streets of Brooklyn, you can become very cautious of shysters trying to sell you a Bridge, but let me tell you a thing or two about the people behind lightcup. As someone who purchases online pretty often, I have a varied experience with many vendors, but with Todd Rubenack, The Managing Partner, I am quite happy. Todd is committed to offer not only a quality product, but also a helpful and quality buying experience. At a time where many cease to value you once they get your money, Todd and his staff of professionals consistently go the extra mile to make sure you\\\’ll remain a very happy customer….. Trust is a hard earned commodity nowadays, but for the folks at Lightcup, Trust is something that is built right in, in the products and services they provide


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